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High Quality, Affordable Supplements

Dr. Mudryk has spent a lot of time searching for the best supplements at a very reasonable price.  We currently utilize numerous companies to provide a wide array of high quality supplements to both maintain our bodies and treat certain health ailments.

If you are a patient at our office, and are found to need supplementation and Dr. Mudryk “prescribes” supplements, there is no sales tax applicable to your purchase.

Emerson Ecologics sources supplements from numerous places so that you are able to buy all your basic supplements on one easy website.  Call our office to get the access code so you can order directly from the site and receive a discount off of regular prices.

Standard Process – Whole Food, organically farmed, complete line of supplements

Nordic Naturals – high quality fish oils

Life Extension – large selection of different supplements

Pure Encapsulations – large selection if hypo-allergenic supplements

Bezwecken – excellent women’s formula for hormonal imbalances

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