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Chiropractic Adjusting Instruments

Dr. Mudryk has utilized many adjusting instruments over the years.  Not one alone serves the purpose of everything necessary to take care of all patients.   From the original Activator, to the Torque release instrument, to the Impulse, and now the IMPAC Arthrostim...

Torque Release Technique

Torque Release chiropracture uses a gentle touch and light thrusting small hand-held instrument called an Integrator. Rather than twisting or forcing bones into position, this low-force adjusting method stimulates the nervous system, via meningeal attachments to...


This is a gentle, non-force adjusting approach. The thing that most patients notice first is the special table. The movements of this table help traction the spine, opening up compressed spinal discs and reducing pressure on facet joints of the spine. You could easily...

Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care

Although Neurologically-based Chiropractors make adjustments to the spine, the primary focus is not completely on spinal alignment, but also on normalizing and balancing nerve system function. This process of balancing or awakening bad nerve patterns in joints and...

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