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An unexpected level of care: we treat you like family

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An unexpected level of care: we treat you like family

At Mudryk Family-Chiropractic PA, you can expect the unexpected.  We have been told, that we treat our patients like they are family.

  • A friendly, non-medical environment.
  • Minimized waiting for new patient consultations and subsequent visits.
  • Ample time spent with Dr. Mudryk on each visit.  He is not just in an out in 2 minutes.
  • Our care’s holistic nature causes better heatlh throughout the entire body, not just where you have discomfort (physical, chemical, mental, and emotional).
  • A genuine caring attitude for your well-being and healing process.  Just like you were a member of our family.
  • Non-traumatic adjustments.  NO twisting or cracking
  • Care tailored to your specific needs.  We don’t do the same thing to everyone, or the same thing to you on every visit.

First Visit: Consultation with Dr. Mudryk gathering information to determine if we are able to help you. Examination may follow on the same day. Typical visit lasts approximately 30-40 mins. Treatment may not be delivered on the 1st visit, depending on your condition. We will provide therapy to help deal with severe pain if necessary.

Second Visit: 20 mins – A report on what we found on the first visit and if found necessary, your first treatment.

Subsequent Visits: 7-15 minutes including your adjustment and any pertinent therapies to facilitate your healing process


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