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Computerized Spinal Traction or “Decompression”

Triton Decompression System at Mudryk Family Chiropractic

Our Computerized Spinal Traction System

We are proud to offer the most affordable decompression therapy that we know of in the Triangle for both neck and lower back.   Our purpose is to provide this service at a reasonable cost, so that anyone can easily afford this therapy.   

For example a 15-min session for lower back decompression is only $30.  A 9-min session for neck decompression is only $18.

Computerized Spinal Traction or sometimes called “Spinal Decompression” was designed specifically for neck and back conditions.  It best used for:

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Disc Protrusions, Sciatica, Facet Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Arthrosis, Spinal Stenosis, cervico-brachial syndrome, spondylosis and more.

Chattanooga Video of Cervical Decompression setup

Chattanooga Video of Lumbar Decompression

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At this time, “Spinal Decompression” in it’s true sense, needs to be researched more in depth for insurance companies to reimburse properly for the code and also to create an entirely new code.  Most insurance plans at this time consider this therapy “investigational” because there needs to be more research done before it is widely accepted.  While we wait for this to happen, our office has made a decision to bill an appropriate code that enables patients whom can not afford the expensive “decompression” at other offices to get the same therapy at a fraction of the cost.  We have been utilizing spinal decompression in our office since 2008, and we understand how valuable this can be, to avoid spinal injections and/or surgery.

Various forms of traction have been around for years; however, pain relief has been inconstant and short-lived. In fact, several clinical studies have shown traction to be an ineffective form of back and neck pain relief. The reason is unexpected, but pretty simple. Our bodies react to the static unloading (consistent pulling) of the spine by contracting or squeezing the muscles surrounding the spine to protect itself. Rather than achieving the desired effect of unloading (decompressing) the spine, the pressure on the spine is actually increased (due to the muscles reacting) thus stopping the traction or even re-compressing the disc. This does NOT allow the discs to rehydrate and heal, which is what ultimately yields pain relief.

Computerized Spinal Traction or “Spinal Decompression”, on the other hand, is a modified, updated form of traction. Computer technology is used to control the type of pulling to unload the spine, effectively avoiding the body’s muscle contraction response.  On top of the decompression, it is thought that key nutrients are re-introduced into the disc, that are responsible for holding water in the disc.  The disc receives it’s nutrition through diffusion from the back -bone.  The decompression is a key component to achieving this “imbibition” of hydrated molecules and allowing a disc to heal.

This is how it works; the doctor will program the computer to induce a decompressive pull, in a certain pattern of rest, to the damaged or degenerated area.  This pull and rest tricks the muscles surrounding your spine to let go and stop their resistance to the pull.  Each time the rest is over, the spine elongates further and further.  This  creates a negative pressure within the disc itself. This negative pressure or vacuum causes a pressure gradient favorable for fluid transfer from the external disc to the internal disc resulting in an increase height of the disc and return to a more normal shape of the disc. This increased height and shaping can lessen the pressure on the spinal cord and its nerves in the affected area. This results in better nerve function, less pain, and greater mobility. This treatment is preceded or followed by a specific Chiropractic adjustment, flexion-distraction traction, and sometimes even warm therapy to soften muscles. Remember, using heat on a consistent basis may inflame your nerve irritation, so stay away from heat with this condition unless doing cold afterward.  Depending on the tissue damage, severity of the condition and the size of the damaged area, people usually need a series of treatments to improve. There is usually no down time, and people can go back to standard activities or work immediately after the session. The treatment can help most degenerative (arthritic) problems that cause chronic neck and chronic back problems. Sciatica and pinched nerves are treated very well by this therapy. We specialize in the realignment of the spine and disc reconditioning.  Within a few weeks, we will know if this therapy is working, by the patient seeing less pain, less often pain, and tingling and numbness, usually starting at the most distal, or far away pain from you back first.  We will not continue therapy if you see absolutely zero changes to your symptoms within 6 visits.

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